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Respite is a break for families or caregivers wherein temporary assistance is provided to those in need of care. The duration of this service is flexible and can last merely a weekend or for several days, depending on the needs of the family and availability of The Gardenias.

Locating qualified facilities to care for your loved ones can be daunting. Caring for a family member with multiple disabilities or a handicap is a daily commitment. At the Gardenias, professional caregivers provide an opportunity for permanent caregivers to have some time to themselves, or to spend time with children or a spouse. Additionally, this service can give patients a break from their carers from time to time. This is a service offered to individuals or caregivers who require assistance or temporary relief from full time care giving. Whether recovering from trauma or hospitalization, or to provide occasional relief for carers, we will be glad to accommodate your personal care needs.

Admission is based on multiple factors to include availability and level of care. Requirements for the Respite Care Program are determined by The Gardenias. All guests taking advantage of Respite Care would have full access to our standard services and amenities.

Adult Day Care

Our Adult Day Care Program is similar to our Respite Care Program in regards to the benefits, which are:

  • Providing Senior Citizens an Opportunity to Leave the Home

  • Giving Caregivers a Break

  • Safe and Controlled Environment

  • Fun/Learning Activities

  • Social Interaction with Peers

  • Improvement in Physical and Mental Health

  • Moderate Level of Independence

  • Mental Stimulation

  • Healthy Meals and Snacks.

Adult Day Care at The Gardenias is a service in which participants receive personal care and access to amenities and services but do not require an overnight stay or long term care arrangements.

Candidates for Adult Day Care are seniors who:

  • Require functional assistance

  • Are psychologically impaired or physically challenged but

  • may not necessarily require 24-hour supervision
  • Show early of stages of Alzheimer's disease

  • Are isolated and desire friendship

  • Cannot be left at home alone

  • Cannot arrange their own daily schedules/activities

  • Are afraid to be left alone

*Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and is not limited to the above items. For specific inquiries, please call 770.946.0325

Adult Day Care Fees: depending on specific care needs. Three meals and snacks are included in rate.